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B2B videos that

B2B videos that inform

A video production agency on a mission to transform B2B marketing.

What we do

The problem we solve

Gain and retain attention

Let’s face it.. B2B marketing is often boring as hell. You are not creating much value using stock footage of suits, pointing at screens while smiling like psychopaths. We create value by telling real stories in a way that both gains and retains attention.

Captivate decision-makers

In the world of B2B, resonating with the ones pulling the strings is an absolute key for closing deals and creating lasting business relations. We aid you in ensuring the right incentives are put forth and that it speaks to the right ears.

Simplify the complex

In many aspects, complex information is at the heart of B2B marketing. However, most people aren’t susceptible to your overly technical business jargon. If what you are explaining sounds more complicated than toasting bread, you’re f*cked. We live by the motto, explain everything as you would to a golden retriever.

We've had the pleasure of working with Ducktape for several months during the production of an animated film. It needed to reflect our vision and explain our industry in a clear, stylish but informative way. With their focus on good quality, clarity and an eye for details, we received an animated film, perfectly in line with our brand and target audience.
Siri Brenden
Marketing Manager
"Ducktape has an ability to grasp the essence of our brand and our people. With their focus, dedication and sense of details we always get high quality productions at first delivery. Both from live events and pre-planned productions. We can tell that they love what they do."
Gittan Schiöld
Chief Commercial Officer
We have worked together with Ducktape for more than a year now, and they have made themselves a name within our company. 'Who are making all those great videos?' is a question we get every now and then. When people do what they are really passionate about, this is what happens and you can create content that challenges the conventional – which is just in line with our company strategy.
Sara Lidman
Content & Social Media Specialist

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We'd love to help your business achieve results, and we're always interested in exciting partnerships.

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